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Bharadwaj Amrutur,
Professor ECE Department
Chairman, Robert Bosch Center for Cyber Physical Systems
Email: amrutur at
RBCCPS Office: 3rd Floor, Entrepreneurship SID Bldg (near High Voltage Engineering)
(mostly here) ECE Office: 3rd Floor, Rm 325, Microelectronics Bldg



  • Prashant V. (Jointly with Dr. Rubin Parekhji, TI)
Area: Hybrid Systems
  • Oppili Prasad L. (jointly with Prof. Sanjiv Sambandan, IAP)
Area: Flexble Electronics
Area: Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems
  • Bhargava S. J.
Area: Embedded Computer Vision
  • Laxmi Karthikeyan
Area: Energy harvesting circuits
  • Srikrishna Acharya (jointly with Prof Yogesh Simmhan)
Area: Large Scale IoT Systems


  • Raghunath K,
Area: Low Power Mixed Signal SOC

Project Staff

  • Dr. Nagamani
Area: SoC Design and Verification