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Important Contact info

  • Nivasan -- Computer vendor/hardware person - 9535348426
    Ananth (Smart Systems) - 9844131676
  • Network Lab - ernet lab (ECE) - 2360 1312
  • Our Lab (SP 2.23) - 2293 2749
  • Arunachalam - 9481450812
  • NetHelp at SERC - 2293 2737 (ext 2737) and ask for nethelp

Mounting file system over SSH

Install sshfs from your package manager. This can be used to mount, say, your hollerith (remote server) home folder on your local machine. Create a folder 'hollerith_home' somewhere. Then, run

sshfs <user>@<user> ./hollerith_home

To unmount,

fusermount -u ./hollerith_home

Before unmounting, do NOT do rm -rf ./hollerith_home as this will delete the contents of your home folder on the remote machine.

Removing proxy auth pop-up in firefox

(This is no longer an issue!) Type in the address bar:


and set the following:

  • signon.autologin.proxy;true
  • network.proxy.share_proxy_settings – FALSE
  • network.automatic-ntlm-auth.allow-proxies – FALSE
  • network.auth.use-sspi – FALSE

Handling Misc error messages

  • If you see a pop-up message that says "No space in virtutech", Comment-out the line in the file '/etc/fstab' that says ' /srv/virtutech nfs defaults 0 0'
    This partition should NOT be mounted and commenting of this line ensures this
  • If your network file system is not mounted, you will get an error such as "/srv/holl/ not found" or "Can't find your home directory while logging-in".
    Use the command /etc/init.d/netfs restart to restart your file system.
    Alternatively, you can manually mount the filesystems using mount /srv/holl or mount /srv/install/ etc.
  • Sometimes icfb fails to load. Only the initial splash screen appears and then the CIW and the library manager window are blank. These say loading, but fail to load even after long periods of time.
    This is most likely caused by un-killed library manger processes running on the server (icfb was most likely shut down incorrectly).
    Check this by typing "ps -aux | grep 'yourusername'".
    This should show you the library manger processes still running.
    Try killing these using "kill -9 pid" (where pid is your process id).
    If the kill fails (which it most likely will) contact the system admin, as the server needs to be restarted!
    If you discover a better way to solve it, please share with others, as restarting the server is the last resort and no one likes it when you do it.
  • If you shutdown your task-bar by mistake and the problem refuses to go away after a restart, then delete the ".kde" folder (if you are using KDE) from your home directory and log-out and log-in again
    This shd fix the error

Installing additional HDD

  1. Connect the power and SATA wires to the new HDD (remember to get new power and SATA cables while buying the new drive)
  2. In Ubuntu - use software 'gparted' (GNU PARTition EDitor)
  3. Select the new drive (there should be a pull down menu near the top right corner)
  4. Select 'New' partition from one of the menus
  5. First time you may be prompted to created a partition table - Say yes to it (MS-DOS format)
  6. Select the required amount of area clicking and dragging the colored box edge
  7. Select the partition type to "NTFS" (recommended to be accessible to both windows and Linux)
  8. Select "Primary partition" (A physical drive may have up to 4 primary partitions)
  9. Give a suitable label
  10. Hit create (or whatever button is there in that pop-up window
  11. Repeat from step 4 for as many partitions as you need
  12. Click on the tick mark icon to create the partitions


It is possible to WinSCP to any of the linux machines provided that you have a local account (not just a Hollerith LDAP account) on that machine

  • Host name:10.32.33.xx
  • Port Number: 22 (Default value itself)
  • User name: remote_pc's local username
  • Password: Corresponding password
  • File protocol: SFTP (Default)
  • Tick "Allow SCP fallback" (Default)

Video recording

Video recording a talk in Golden Jubilee Hall or CeNSE Auditorium using NCAST is described in this article.
Videos archives is available on SERC's website here.
Direct link to talks in ECE

Git behind a Proxy

Configure git to use a proxy server

git config --global http.proxy http://noauthproxy.serc.iisc.ernet.in:3128

If you're using HTTPS rather than SSH with GitHub, change the remote repo url

git remote set-url origin https://yourusername@github.com/user/repo.git

Paper related

Equations describing how the droop detector. Some analytical insight into why the subthreshold droop detector works so well. File:Analysis.pdf

Pulse oximetry

An article describing the principle behind pulse oximetry File:Pulse oximetry.pdf

Presentation on how pulse oximeters work File:Pulse.pdf

FPGA-PC link using USB2TTL converter

This module helps to transfer data from the FPGA to the PC at low data rate (~100 kbps). It presents itself as a RAM unit with configurable data bus width. Anything written to this "RAM" gets transferred to the PC and is dumped to a CSV file (say for reading in MATLAB).

The repository includes a sample design that uses the FPGA-UART-PC link on the Virtex5 FPGA.

GitHub repo for the FPGA-USB2UART-PC-Transmitter link

The above is a one way link to get data from the FPGA to the PC. The following module allows the FPGA to receive data from the PC.

GitHub repo for the FPGA-USB2TTL-Receiver link

FPGA-PC link with parallel interface via UART

This module presents an 8-bit input and 8-bit output port to PC programs via the serial port. Whatever is written to the serial port is sent out as 8-bit data and 8-bit parallel input is latched at the same time and returned to the PC. Useful to slow speed communication such as scan chain.

GitHub repo for the FPGA-USB2UART-PC-Ser2Par link

openMSP430 Hello World! (LED Blinker)

This repo has all the verilog (top.v is the top module) and C code to run an LED blinker on the openMSP430. This demo uses 4KB instruction memory and 256 bytes data memory. For more details, see openMSP430 Use the memory compiler (or core generator) to generate the ram2k8 and ram128b SRAM modules.

openMSP40-led-blinky GitHub repo

Running yum behind proxy

For bash shell type: export http_proxy=http://proxy.iisc.ernet.in:3128
For c shell (csh) type: setenv http_proxy http://proxy.iisc.ernet.in:3128