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Keywords: Ultra Dynamic Voltage Scaled Mixed Signal SOC, Wearable Health Monitoring Devices, Smart Water Systems, Neuro-Electronics Hybrid Systems.

Wearable Health Sensor
Technologies for Health Care

Infant mortality in India is about 6x higher than that of the developed world. Things are even worse in rural India. Can we harness the advances in sensing, communication, packaging and low power technologies to develop a remote neonate monitoring system? See some of our prototype devices here that have been developed in collaboration with St. Johns Research Institute.

Adaptive Radio Front End

Near-Threshold Mixed Signal SoC Techniques

How to design ultra low power chips for battery operated or energy scavenged applications like bio medical implants or "Internet of Things devices"? What are the circuit techniques for analog front ends, radios and digital blocks which can operate at very low supply voltages? How to adapt for varying performance demands and process, environmental and operating conditions so that the chip is always at the cusp of optimum energy consumption?

Brain In A Dish

Brain in a Dish: Towards Neuro-Electronic Hybrid Systems

Can we program a biological neural tissue, grown in a petri dish, to do simple computational tasks? Like differentiating between two different stimuli or more generally, implement a variety of simple two input functions. Such an exercise will help us better understand how biological neuronal networks work, as well as open up possibilities of transferring these capabilities, in-vivo, to create brain-prosthetic devices in the future. See the following video which shows a robot controlled by a nerve tissue grown in our Neuro-Electronics Lab.

Wireless Water level Indicator

Smart Connected Systems

We are applying Connected Sensors technology to create Smart "X" Systems, where X={Water, Energy, Safety, ....}. We have taken up water as the first target as it is the next most precious resource (after air). Our test bed is within IISc campus.