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Thesis: Neuro Electronics Hybrid Systems (Under Review)
(Jointly with Prof S. K. Sikdar, MBU, IISc)


Thesis: Force and Shape Estimation using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Assistance in Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures
(Jointly with Prof S. Asokan, IAP)


Thesis: Bitrate Reduction Techniques for Low-Complexity Surveillance Video Coding
Thesis: Design and Characterization of SRAMs for Ultra Dynamic Voltage Scalable Systems


Thesis: Power Scaling Mechanisms for Low Power Wireless Receivers
Thesis: Low Power and Low Spur Frequency Synthesizer Circuit Techniques for Energy Efficient Wireless Transmitters


Thesis: First-spike-latency codes: Significance, relation to neuronal network structure and application to physiological recordings.
(Jointly with Prof S. K. Sikdar, MBU, IISc)
Thesis: Time-based All-Digital Technique for Analog Built-in Self Test (BIST)


Thesis: NoC design and optimization for Multi-core media processors
Thesis: Low power and Low Area Techniques for Neural Recording Application
Thesis: Power Efficient Last Level Cache for Chip Multiprocessors
(Co-supervised with Prof Y. N. Srikant, CSA)


Thesis: Precise On-chip Clock Skew Measurement using Subsampling and Applications
Thesis: Towards Development of Low Cost Electrochemical Biosensor for Detecting Percentage Glycated Hemoglobin
(Jointly with Prof Navakant Bhat, Prof S. Sampath)


Low Power Receiver Architecture and Algorithms for Low Data Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks
(Jointly with Prof Navakant Bhat)
Statistical Leakage Analysis Framework Using Artificial Neural Networks Considering Process and Environment


Techniques for Low Power Motion Estimation in Video Encoders


Random Local Delay Variability: On-chip Measurement and Modeling


  • Kamlesh Singh '2018
Thesis: Conformal Active Sheets
Jointly with Prof. Sanjiv Sambandam, IAP
Thesis: Summerless Dual Charge Pump PLL with Wide Lock Range using Analog Frequency Detector
Thesis: A workload based lookup table for minimal power operation under supply and body bias control
Thesis: Low Power LO Generation based on Frequency Multiplication Technique


  • Muthuraj Pillai (jointly with Prof Shayan Garani, A. Vipin (TI)), '18
Report: Design and Development of DAC Settling Time measurement System
  • Sooshinivethy (Jointly with Kuruvilla Varghese, DESE) '17
Report: Low Power Data Acquisition Systems for MEMS Sensors
  • Mahek Mehta (Jointly with Prof. Sujit Sikdar, MBU) '16
Report: Ultra sound excitation of neuronal cultures
  • Deepak Mathew '16
Report: Vibro Acoustography for visco elastic imaging and temperature estimation in hyperthermia treatment
  • Sreejith S, ME(Microelectronics) '16
Report: Low Power Data Acquisition System for MEMS Sensor
  • Robin Singh Nanda, MTech(Electronics) '16
Report: Connected Panic Button with Audio Based Trigger
  • Jayraj Desai, MTech(Electronics) '16
Report: Connected Panic Button with Audio Based Trigger
  • Prachet Verma, MTech(Electronics) '15
Report: Ultrasound Water Level Sensor
  • Akshay Kumar, MTech(Electronics) '15
Report: Ultrasound Water Level Sensor
  • Pratik Jain, MTech(Electronics) '15
Report: Communication for Remote Sensing
  • Mallikarjun S., MTech(Electronics) '15
Report: Communication for Remote Sensing
  • Vignesh Kudva, MTech(Electronics) '14
Report: Smart Water Networks
  • Prashant Nayak, MTech(Electronics) '14
Report: Smart Water Networks
  • Naveen Reddy (Joint with Prof Rajesh Sundaresan), ME Telecom '14
Report: Remote Neonatal Care
  • Shivum Dubey, ME Micro '14
Report: Remote Solar PV Monitoring
  • Chaitanya Sadh, ME Micro '14
Report: Ultra Low Voltage Design
  • Rakesh Kande, ME Micro '14
Report: RF Bist
  • Honabh Bhatnagar, ME Micro '14
Report: Low power test
  • Ram Vishal Bharati, ME Micro '14
Report: Low Power Test
  • Ajay Rama, ME SP '13
Report A pursuit of structure in multi-electrode spiking data of neuronal cultures
  • Jude Baby George, ME '13
Report: Brain in a Box
  • Sagar G V, ME '13
Report: Ultra low power mixed signal SOC
  • Doney Alex, ME '13
Report: LampTop: Touch Detection for a Projector-Camera System Based on Shape Classification
  • M. Nagaraju, ME '13
Report: Battery Operated Wireless Video Surveillance System
  • Prasanna R. ME '12 (ISA Technoventor Award 2012 for best ME Thesis)
Report: Design of a Cognitive Radio System for a Frequency Hopping Primary Signal
  • Anand Satpute ME '12
Report: Development of a Mobile Locationing System Using a Wireless Network for Video and Other Sensors
  • Balram Sahu ME '12
Report: Minimum Energy Point Operation of ASIC Circuits
  • Abhishek Kumar ME '11
Report: RF Amplifier for Low Power Transmitter
  • Laxmi Karthikeyan ME '11
Report: An Electronic Interface for Piezoelectric Device based Vibration Energy Harvesting
  • Jhankar Malakar ME '10
Report: Front end electronics for electrochemical biosensor for GHB detection.
  • Umakant Goyal ME '09
  • Shravan Kumar ME '09
  • S. A. Kannan, ME '08 (ISA Technoventor Award 2009 for best ME Thesis)
Report: Low Power Design Techniques for the Front End of a Radio Frequency Communication Receiver
  • M. Kiran, ME '08
Report: False Error Study of On-Line Error Detection Mechanisms
  • Satish Anand, ME '08
  • K. Bhavani Pradeep, ME '08
  • Arvind Madan, ME '07,
Report: Interconnect Modeling and Optimization
  • S. Madhusudan, ME '07
  • Sandeep Mehra, ME '07
  • Anmol Bagbai, ME '06
Report: Micro Architectural Exploration of 3-G UMTS MAC and RLC
  • Srikant Reddy, ME '06
Report: Formal Verification by Generalized Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation
  • Satish Yarlagadda, ME '06
Report: Error Detection and Correction of Dynamic Faults by Using Modified Stability Checking
  • Sudhir Kudva, ME '06
Report: A Low-Power, Low-Noise Amplifying Mixer for Zigbee Receivers
  • Udaya Kumar Bobbili, ME '06
  • Vijay U. K., ME '06
Report: Analog to Digital Converter Design for RF Transceiver]

Research Students

  • Karthik Ramkumar J
Area: Time based data converters
  • V. Syam Krishnan
Area: Infrared image sensors
  • Nandish Mehta
Area: Dynamic threshold and voltage scaling
Area: Comparator based switched cap circuits


Area: Remote Neonatal Care
Area: Remote Neonatal Care