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The Lab's wireless network is called "ESCAP-2.4GHz" and "ESCAP-5GHz".
They are both secure networks that require a password to access.
Please contact Viveka to obtain the access details (subject to approval by Prof. if you are not a regular member of the group).

This page keeps tab on the devices which have been granted access to the Wireless router in the lab:

User Type of device Belongs to
Viveka Laptop Personal
Pushkar Laptop Personal
Alok Laptop Lab
New testing laptop (Windows 8) Laptop Lab
Hritesh Laptop Lab
Sagar Laptop Personal
Karthik (Summer Intern) Laptop Personal
Raja A (Summer Intern) Laptop Personal
Jayraj (M.Tech) Laptop Personal
-- -- --
Pushkar Phone Personal
Hritesh Phone Personal
Manikandan Phone Personal
Sagar Phone Personal
Sagar Phone2 Lab
Viveka Phone Personal
Auritro Phone Personal
Kaushik Phone1 Personal
Kaushik Phone2 Personal
Hitesh Phone Lab
Akshay Phone1 Personal
Akshay Phone2 Personal
Robin Phone Personal
Robin Tablet Personal
Jayraj (M.Tech) Phone Personal
Priya Phone Personal
Priya Laptop Personal