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Open file in a new tab

  1.  :sp filename (horizontal)
  2.  :vsp filename (vertical)

Find and Replace with increment

Say you have a document:

foo bar
bar foo

and you want to replace the first foo with blah_1, the second with blah_2, the third with blah_3 and so on. There are a number of options. The most obvious is:

:let i=1 | g/foo/s//\="blah_".i/ | let i=i+1

This only works if foo only occurs at most once per line. Changing to a global substitute doesn't help, as i will only be incremented once per matching line. The solution is to use setreg():

:let @a=1 | %s/foo/\="blah_".@a.(setreg('a',@a+1)?:)/g

Unfortunately, setreg returns 0 rather than the value of the register it set, so we need to use a ?: block to eliminate this. Another option, which is only available in vim7:

:let i=[] | %s/foo/\="blah_".len(add(i,))/g

This uses a growing list rather than a number. This is taken from here

Open files in multiple tabs

   vi -p filename1 filename2