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Keywords: Video recording or streaming of lectures in Golden Jubilee hall (GJH) or CeNSE auditorium or record or stream

Here are a few key steps in recording video using NCast software. We use this routinely to stream and record important talk in campus.

  1. Change IP of your laptop (this is for the laptop being used to access the recording portal -- net connection to this is required) to suite your location
    • For Golden Jubilee Hall (GJH), normal lab settings will do.
    But alternately use
    IP address:
    Default gateway:
    • For CeNSE auditorium:
    IP address:
    Subnet mask: (same)
    Default gateway:

    Preferred DNS server: (same)
    Alternate DNS server: (same)
  2. Login to the appropriate address: (GJH) (CeNSE)
  3. Enter user: admin Password:****
  4. Channels (tab)
    • Scroll to the appropriate channel
    37th channel for GJH
    50th channel (for CeNSE video recording; no streaming)
    • Click Modify
  5. Recording (tab)
    • set title, speaker name, date etc.
    Maintain "Filename" format while naming the file
    • Click update
  6. Session (tab)
    • click 'Start Session'
    This step only starts the stream (does not start recording)
    The red box (on the monitor at GJH) next to streaming must go from red to green as soon as 'Start Session' is clicked!
    • click 'Start recording'
    • NOTE (VERY IMP): Check that as the speaker speaks the audio bar (on the monitor) is varying. If not, immediately contact the Auditorium in-charge as the speaker voice is not available -- most likely the wireless mic needs battery (9V) replacement.
  7. Sources (tab)
    • Select DVI for 'Main Input'
    • Select VGA for 'PIP Input' (PIP -- Picture in picture)
    The above two (DVI and VGA) can be swapped as well
    To switch between streaming and recording the PPT and the camera -- click on the 'SWAP' Button
    To enable PIP, use the 'on/off' option next to 'P-P & PIP border'
    The position of the PIP can also be changed (top left, bottom-right etc.)
  8. Session (tab)
    • click 'Stop recording' -- when you want to stop the recording of course!
    • click 'End Session'
  9. Archives (tab)
    • Check that the file is present and has an appropriate size!
    • To UPLOAD the file -- click on Upload in Archives (tab).
    Note that the status must be ready before uploading


  • After each talk (in a series of talks) stop recording and stop session and then restart for each talk
    This will create a new file for each talk, which is always convenient
  • To center the slide on the VGA option (in CeNSE audi), keep the aspect ratio at 4:3 (Configuration --> Display) and then click "Move left" in the sources tab

Common links

Typical ECE streaming link is: rtsp://
In VLC player go to Media --> Open Network Stream and type the above link (change protocol to rtsp if required by your VLC player version)