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Current projects

Meta & Imitation Learning for Robot Arms
Sponsor: Yaskawa Ltd. Abstract: Explore meta-learning and imitation-learning to program industrial robot arms.

IoT Data Exchange and Analytics Stack for Smart Cities
Sponsor: Robert Bosch Grant
Abstract: Develop an open API + Data Models based middleware stack to enable a data exchange framework for IoT data. Additionally support Fog + Edge analytics, especially for Video/media streams. Develop annotation framework to enable Video/media based IoT systems and framework to capture context information to enable AI based applications.

Connected Autonomous Drones/Robots
Sponsor: Robert Bosch Grant, DST (GoI)
Abstract: Develop a system consisting of a group of autonomous, heterogenous mobile things (flying, rolling and walking), which can execute data collection based tasks in an autonomous fashion.

High Resolution Air Quality Monitoring
Sponsor: Robert Bosch Grant, Indo-US STF
Abstract: Field testing of low cost pollution sensors, calibration algorithms and techniques to quantify data quality and finally correlate with live traffic data.

Energy harvested Sensor Front end
Sponsor: MeitY, GoI
Abstract: Multi-modal energy harvestor based power manament unit to drive a low power sensor front end ASIC.

Past Projects

Smart Probe ASIC for Next Generation Aircraft
Sponsor: Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India
Collaborators: Kuruvilla Varghese (DESE), Dr. Gaurab Banerjee (ECE)
Duration: Jan 2016- July 2017.

Smart Water Distribution Systems: Mandya
Sponsor: Robert Bosch Center for Cyber-Physical Systems, IISc
Collaborators: Prof. Mohan Kumar (Civil), IBM Bangalore.
Duration: June 2014-May 2016.

Neuro-electronic Hybrid Computing
Sponsor:Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India
Collaborator: S. K. Sikdar (MBU)
Team: Jude Baby George, Mahek Mehta
Summary: We are exploring the possibility of training live neuronal cultures grown in a petri-dish to perform some simple computation tasks related to navigation control
Duration: 2012-2016

IoT for Smart Cities Task Force
Sponsor: Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.
Collaborators: A large team. More info here.
Duration: March 15 2016-March 14 2017

Kangaroo Mother Care Sensor
Sponsor: Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Summary: Develop senslr to monitor KMC dosage for premature neonates.
Staff: Dr. Ashish Joglekar RBCCPS, Alok Rawat (RBCCPS), Vasanth Rajaraman (RBCCPS)
Duration: October 2015 - July 2016.
Collaborators: St. Johns Research Institute: Dr. Prem Mony, Dr. Prashant Thankachan, Dr. Suman Rao, Dr. Tony Raj

Remote Neonatal monitoring and intervention
Sponsor: Robert Bosch Center for Cyber Physical Systems, IISc
Summary: Develop technology to monitor premature neonates in low resource regions.
Staff: Hiteshwar Rao, Ujjwal Sathish
Duration: August 2012 - July 2015.
Collaborators: St. Johns Research Institute: Prem Mony, Prashant Thankachan
IISc: Rajesh Sundaresan, T V Prabhakar, K J Vinoy

Wireless sensor based systems for postion estimation, tracking and navigation Sponsor: DST
Collaborators: K.V.S.Hari (ECE), Peter Handel (KTH Sweden)
Summary: To develop wireless sensor based systems for position estimation, tracking and navigation of people and other objects using a combination of sensors and a combination of short-range wireless technologies with an emphasis on cooperative localization techniques.
Duration: 2011-2013

Cognitive Radio Testbed Sponsor: DRDO - DEAL
Summary: Develop testbed to experiment with Cognitive radio algorithms. Duration: August 2012 - July 2014 Collaborators:Vinod Sharma, Neelesh Mehta, Chandra Murthy Team: Adarsh Jain, Prasanna, Rathinamala V.

Low Power Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits Sponsor: Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India
Team: Vikram Chaturvedi (PhD), Rajath V. (PhD), Kaushik Ghoshal (PhD), Satyam Dwivedi (PhD), Manikandan R. R. (PhD)
Summary: We explored low power low voltage analog, digital and rf design techniques for wireless communications
Duration: 2008-2013


Envirobat: Wireless pollution monitoring

How bad is the air in Bangalore? Can we quantify the benefits/pitfalls in terms of air quality, for various policy initiatives (e.g bus day), events (diwali), urban planning decisions etc?


GhbSensor: Low cost Ghb Sensor

Diabetes is a very common disease in India with over 30 million people suffering from it currently. With the changing lifestyles and increasing urbanization in our country, we can expect an increase of this scourge in the future. Hence any solutions to detect, monitor and control this ailment will be a significant contribution to our society. Measurements of glycated hemoglobin gives an indictation of glycemic control over a 120 day period. Current GhB measurements can only be done in a diagnostic clinic. Can we design a low cost glycated hemoglobin sensor, which will be as easy to use in the home as the glucose sensor? Sponsor: Society for Bio-Medical Technolgy
Students: Siva Rama Krishna (PhD),
Collaborators: Prof Navakant Bhat, ECE, Prof. Sampath Srinivasan, IPC, Dr. Manoj Varma ECE, Prof. Amit Mondal, St. Johns Research Institute
Duration: 2010-2012

Smart Manpower Development Project in VLSI - II Sponsor: Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India
Collaborators: H. S. Jamadagni (CEDT)
Summary: We are mentoring 27 colleges throughout India to enable them to take a concept to tested silicon.
Duration: 2006-2012

Low power radio for wireless sensor networks Sponsor: Defense Research Development Organization - Center for Artifical Intelligence and Robotics, Government of India
Students: Satyam Dwivedi (PhD), R.G.Raghavendra (MSc), Syam K. (PA), S.A.Kannan (ME), Jagdish Pandey (MSc)
Summary: We have explored the concept of an adaptive low power radio design, which can scale its power consumption to be minimum possible in accordance with the signal and interference conditions, while meeting the target BER.
Duration: 2006-2010

Microarchitectural exploration framework for Low Power Video Codecs Sponsor: Texas Instruments
Collaborators: Prof Y.N.Srikant, CSA
Students: Aparna Mandke (PhD), Basavaraj Talwar (PhD)
Summary: We have developed a framework, called sapphire, for fast, yet cycle accurate exploration of memory and interconnect systems for multi-core architectures, especially for applications like video encoding and decoding.
Duration: 2009-2010

Statistical Analysis Techniques for VLSI Collaborators: Dr. Vish Viswanathan, TI, N.V.Arvind, TI
Students: V. Janakiraman (PhD), Bishnu Prasad Das (PhD)
Summary: We have developed models and analysis techniques for statistical delay and leakage analysis of digital chips, with a special emphasis on voltage and temperature scalability.

On-Chip Clock Skew Measurement Techniques Sponsor: Texas Instruments
Students: Pratap Kumar Das (PhD)
Summary: We developed techniques to measure clock skews of on-chip clock distribution networks in silicon.