Monte carlo simulations

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Details/Intricacies in running Monte Carlo simulations in spectre using UMC 130nm libraries

Things to do

  • Select appropriate model libraries from the "Monte_carlo folder eg: "/srv/foundry/UMC/UMC_L130E_MIXEDMODE_RF_16Jan2011/umc130nm/rf/Designkits/Cadence/Models/Spectre/Monte_Carlo/L130E_HS12_V241_MC_CORNER.lib.scs"
    • /srv/foundry/UMC/130nm/rf_umc_27Oct2012/Designkits/Cadence/Models/Spectre/Monte_Carlo/l130e_hs12_v241_mc_corner.lib.scs
  • Define a variable called 'sigma' and give a value of '3'

section selection

  • mc -- monte carlo section -- allows running "Process & Mismatch" option during monte-carlo runs -- varies both process (which is common for all transistors in the design) and mismatch (which differentiates all transistors irrespective of their physical distance on silicon)
    • mc - section with "Mismatch" Option assumes "tt" corner.
  • tt, ss, ff, fnsp, fnsp -- allows running on "mismatch" option ("Process & mismatch" option can be run, the process is not varied) -- selects a particular corner -- mismatch can be simulated

How to test the above statements

  • When a section other that "mc" is selected:
    • Running "Process" option gives an error
    • Running "Process & Mismatch" yields same results as "Mismatch"