High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics

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We are exploring the following two problems in this proposal:
1. Development and validation of a low cost pollutant gases sensor array system.

Cense, IISc is developing metal-oxide based sensors for CO, CO2, NO2 and SO2.
Ceeri, Pilani is developing metal-oxide based gas sensors for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

The metal-oxide sensors can be manufactured on silicon wafers using steps very similar to semicondutor/mems based fabrication steps and hence have the potential of achieving a low cost of manufacturing. As a part of this project, sensors manufactured in IISc/Ceeri will be deployed in the field to study and characterise their performance.

2. Study of data quality of low cost sensors and techniques to quantify and improve it. The biggest problem with low cost sensors is the lack of data on the accuracy of the data produced by the sensors. We are exploring techniques to measure, quantify and improve accuracy of an ensemble of pollution sensors.