Embedded Sensing, Communications and Processing Lab

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Keywords: Video IoT, Learning Robots, Low Power VLSI

CDEXEA Stack Overview.jpg
City Data Exchange and Edge Analytics Stack

We are developing an open stack to support data exchange between IoT data sources and applications, that is secure, privacy preserving, supports video IoT and suitable for smart city applications.

Cense Gas Sensor.jpg
High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics

We are evaluating metal-oxide based low cost pollution sensors via field deployment and exploring algorithmic techniques to bound and improve the quality of the data they produce.

Layout Die Photo Scalable Rx.png

Vibration powered Sensor Interface chip

We are developing a sensor ASIC in 180nm process that has an ADC, a 16-bit micro-controller and a wireless communication interface, and is self-powered by a vibration energy harvester.