E0 284 Aug 2013

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Digital Circuit Design

Instructor: Bharadwaj Amrutur, Associate Professor, ECE Dept, IISc

Text: CMOS VLSI Design, Weste & Harris, 4th Edition


Electric Editor (Download Java binary version)

Java run time environment (JRE) from Oracle

LTSpice from Linear Technologies (this is a windows executable)

Spice models for 16nm process from ASU (model name has been changed)

Wine to run windows program on a unix platform

Example wrapper file for including stimulus etc commands lab1.cir

Jelib file to be used for the labs E0284.jelib

Electric/LTSpice handout

Tutorial for Electric Editor


Lecture 1: Introduction to Digital Design: slides

Lecture 2: Transistor Basics: slides / video

Lecture 3: DC Transfer Curve: slides / video

Lecture 4: Transistor Non idealities: slides / video

Lecture 5: Basics of Digital Design: slides / video

Lecture 6: Delay Basics: slides / video

Lecture 7: Logical Effort: slides / video

Lecture 8: Delay Minimization - I: slides / video

Lecture 9: Delay Minimization - II: slides / video

Midterm 1: August 28 2013 2-3pm in class : Question paper

Lecture 10: Midterm answer discussion: Answers

Lecture 11,12: Interconnect: slides / video

Lecture 13: Power Basics: slides / video

Lecture 14: Static Power: slides / video

Lecture 15: Power Reduction Techniques: slides / video

Lecture 16: Voltage Scaling: slides / video

Lecture 17: Dynamic Voltage Scaling: slides / video

Lecture 18: Power Modes, Voltage domains, Adiabatic Charging: slides / video

Midterm 2: September 30 2013 Question paper / Answers

Lecture 19-20: FPGA internals: slides (Lecture by Dr. Madhura Purnapragna)

Final Project: tiny-FPGA design <Updated>

Lecture 21: Introduction to SRAM: slides / video

Lecture 22: Cell design for read stability: slides / video

Lecture 23: Write Noise margin and Read Path: slides / video

Lecture 24: SRAM Timing Generation: slides / video

Lecture 25: Decoder Design: slides

Uploading the 2nd stage project:

To upload files, first register, at:


then goto


Lecture 26-27 : Intro to Embedded DRAM : slides (Lecture by Dr. Pratap Das)

Lecture 28: Introduction to VLSI Test : slides (Lecture by Dr. Rubin Parekhji)

Lecture 29: Introduction to ESD : slides (Lecture by Dr. Mayank Shrivastava)

Lecture 30: Layout Basics: slides

Lecture 31: Clocking I: slides / video

Lecture 21: Clocking II: slides / video

Final: Wednesday December 11 2013, 9:30am - 12:30pm. ECE 1.08 & ECE 1.07